Monday, 17 July 2017

Critical Ops always win

Critical Ops /S'Y MOD /ver-0.7.1

Requirements  πŸ”΄▶️
NO.1    πŸ”΄▶️ android phone
NO.2    πŸ”΄▶️any android version
NO.3    πŸ”΄▶️No root required
NO.4    πŸ”΄▶️just follow my instructions
functions of hack πŸ”΄▶️
NO.1    πŸ”΄▶️No Reload On Weapons
NO.2    πŸ”΄▶️No Flash from Flashbangs
NO.3    πŸ”΄▶️No Grenade Damage
NO.4    πŸ”΄▶️Show Bombs
NO.5    πŸ”΄▶️all weapons unlocked
NO.6    πŸ”΄▶️no root required 
NO.7    πŸ”΄▶️no update required ever
How To InstallπŸ”΄▶️
NO.1    πŸ”΄▶️ download zip file
NO.2    πŸ”΄▶️ then extract zip file you will get apk+obb+data
NO.3    πŸ”΄▶️Install apk
NO.4    πŸ”΄▶️Then cut the obb data
NO.5    πŸ”΄▶️then go in android section.
NO.6    πŸ”΄▶️then obb section.
NO.7    πŸ”΄▶️ then pest here
NO.8    πŸ”΄▶️Then cut the data
NO.9    πŸ”΄▶️then go in android section.
NO.9    πŸ”΄▶️then data section.
NO.9    πŸ”΄▶️then pest here
NO.10  πŸ”΄▶️Now open the game enjoy XD


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